Afternoon programme:
Europe / Business Trends -
Sustainability & Technology

Afternoon programme


The conference programme on the second stage will be moderated by

Dr. Alexandra Thorer

Regional Lead Northern Europe
Business Critical Solutions (BCS)

13:15 - 13:45 Fireside Chat

European Investment

Jonathan Fielding

Tikehau Capital

Carl von Hessen

Head of Datacenter Investement
Aquila Sustainable Infrastructure GmbH

Moderated by

Stijn Grove

Managing Director
Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA)

13:45 - 14:30 Panel discussion

Where next? What does the future hold with limited space for data centers?

"FLAP-D markets account for over 57% of data centre space are at saturations. With space being bought up for next five years, site selection teams face the challenge of this scarcity by broadening their scope and looking at emerging European markets such as Madrid and Milan.

This panel discussion will look at:

  • With limited space, what does the future hold for the data centre landscape in the next five years?
  • What are the considerations when looking at secondary and tertiary markets?

Emmanuel Becker

Managing Director // Chairman
Equinix Italy // Italian Datacenter Association

Greg McCulloch

Chief Development Officer

Manuel Gimenez

Executive Director

Rob Elder


Dr. Dirk Turek

Senior Researcher

Moderated by

Andreas Herden

SVP Germany and Continental Europe
Green Mountain AS

14:30 - 14:50 Keynote

Leadership in times of digital transformation - How to select and develop strong leaders?!

Marco Renz

Sourisseaux Partners

14:50 - 15:30 Panel discussion

Where do we find next generation talents for the Data Centre sector?

Tim-Oliver Iffarth

Talent Acquisition Partner Europe

Andreas Kederer

Director Operations
Digital Realty

Peter Lambrecht


Michael Nicolai

Vice President Germany

Bernd Rüffer

Head of DC

Moderated by

Prof. Dr. Peter Radgen

Professor at Institute for Energy Economics & Rational use of Energy
University of Stuttgart

Afternoon programme

Business Trends - Sustainability & Technology

15:30 - 15:50 Keynote

Unlocking The Hidden Potential of Data Centres: How to use waste heat to decarbonize cities while reducing cooling costs

With the Paris Climate Agreement, countries of the world agreed to drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. While every sector in every country must contribute to making its energy world climate-friendly and to reducing energy consumption, the global IT sector and its data centers are facing a dramatic increase in energy consumption.

Today, more than two million servers in German datacenters  convert around 13 billion kWh of electricity into heat. Only 19 percent of datacenters use parts of their waste heat, mostly in their own buildings for heating and hot water. Approximately 8TWh of waste heat will be available by 2025.

We have a choice here: whether to waste this energy by releasing it into the environment or use this enormous potential by turning it into a sustainable energy source.

By recognizing datacenters not only as information powerhouses but as innovative contributors to global environmental objectives, we unlock a new era of energy efficiency and emissions reduction. By integrating heat utilization from datacenters into urban planning, cities can reduce reliance on fossil fuels, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance their sustainability profile.

Rolf Jönsson

Global Sales Business Developer Data Center
Alfa Laval

Helen Carlström

Senior Manager Growth & Sales

15:50 - 16:10  Keynote

Stability vs Sustainability: EN50600 & ESG, two devils meet in the critical-infrastructure warroom

Regulation and standardisation define the frameworks for operational IT in non-congruent catalogues for sites and facilites. Investors and regulators alike were pushing Environmental, Social and Governance requirements in order to ensure proper and ethically balanced economics by juridical duties.

Diving - live on stage - into the complex topic ESG together with an expert in the field we will shed some light on this sustainability-related content: Nicole Bittlingmayer, Luther-lawfirm. In contrast Matthias Reidans, deep in the EN50600 points out the true focus of critical infrastructure stability, protecting consumer and inhabitans, enterprises and supplies from harm, losses and emergencies.

How to catch up now with these partially contradictory presets and how to cover the need for transparency in the typically non-disclosure Datacenter business is the takeaway of this panel & speech.

Matthias Reidans

Senior Project Manager
Rosenberger OSI

Nicole Bittlingmayer

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

16:10 - 16:45 Panel discussion

Driving Data Centre Innovation: How is technology enhancing data centre sustainability?

Data centres continue to innovate with more efficient designs, saving time, money and energy. With tools such as predictive new maintenance and immersion cooling systems, we will look at what the future holds for innovative data centre design. We will look at future technological advances and adoption, AI in the data centre and the implications of the ever-growing call for reliable autonomous systems.

This panel will look at:

  • What are new technologies are driving industry change?
  • How do we use new technologies to make ourselves more attractive to hyperscalers and clients?

Jakob Jul Jensen

Head of Business Development, Data Center Vertical

Andreas Rockenbauch

Key Account Manager

Norbert Wenk

Head of Product Management

Björn Oellrich

Managing Director
ADK Modulraum

Jens Möller

Director Business Development
e-shelter security

Moderated by

Bernhard Benz

Regional Manager N/E Europe
Colt Technology Services

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